NOVA Funeral, Cremation, and Cemetery Providers

Directory of Northern Virginia funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, and memorial designers.
Finding all options for funerals and burial in the Northern Virginia region is not easy, because phone books are not as comprehensive as they used to be, and not every firm in every area will tend to show up when you search on the Web. This list may save time if you are looking for these types of services.

Phone calls should be a key part of this process. The first round of calls will usually be to the funeral homes/crematories to get prices, and if you are selecting burial of course you will talk to someone at the cemetery. Some companies do have detailed prices and services listed at their Web sites, which can be very helpful for narrowing down the choices, while others only provide the information by telephone. But in every case, plan to speak to someone at the firm to get the final word on what they provide, and what they charge, before you make a decision.

Nearly all funeral homes now offer cremation. In addition to how much it costs, you should ask 1) whether they perform the service themselves or subcontract it out, 2) if it is possible to see the facility, and 3) if it would be possible to witness the beginning of the cremation process (there is usually a fee). Even if you aren’t interested in seeing this, knowing it is allowed can alleviate concerns about the operation. Some third-party crematories are not set up to allow witnessing, but most firms that perform their own cremations will allow it.

Funeral homes can provide a wide variety of services, so ask about any and all aspects of the final arrangements when you call. They usually offer cremation (and the price can vary tremendously), and they may be able to tell you about cemeteries that you could not easily find on your own (and are not on our list below). Also, if you want a simplified ceremony, some progressive funeral directors can help you save money and hold a service that is meaningful to the survivors. This is why calling several firms to comparison shop is so important.

For cremation, distance should not matter. You can sometimes save thousands of dollars simply by choosing a provider a few miles away. In fact, 30 or more miles out of the way is not unheard of. Even if a company has to charge a small fee for transportation, you can often recoup that charge many times over on a less expensive cremation process. Don’t hesitate to cast a wide net around Northern Virginia.

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Northern Virginia Providers

wdt_ID Company Street Address City State Zip Type Telephone Website Contact Info Page Email
1 Mt Zion Cemetery of Aldie 23152 Watson Road Aldie VA 20105 Cemetery 703-327-4583
2 Alexandria National Cemetery 1450 Wilkes St Alexandria VA 22314 Cemetery 703-221-2183
3 Bethel Cemetery 1475 Wilkes Street Alexandria VA 22314 Cemetery 703-548-8281
4 Cunningham Turch Funeral Home 811 Cameron Street Alexandria VA 22314 Funeral Home 703-549-1800
5 Demaine Funeral Home - Alexandria 520 South Washington Street Alexandria VA 22314 Funeral Home 703-549-0074
6 Everly-Wheatley Funeral Home 1500 West Braddock Road Alexandria VA 22302 Funeral Home 703-998-9200
7 Greene Funeral Home 814 Franklin Street Alexandria VA 22314 Funeral Home 703-549-0089
8 Ivy Hill Cemetery 2823 King St Alexandria VA 22302 Cemetery 703-549-7413
9 Jefferson Funeral Chapel 5755 Castlewellan Drive Alexandria VA 22315 Funeral Home 703-971-7400
10 Mount Comfort Cemetery 6600 S Kings Hwy Alexandria VA 22306 Cemetery 703-765-3800
Company Street Address City State Zip Type Telephone Website Contact Info Page Email

[The list above is pulled from the each company’s public data on the Web; information here is only as current as what is available out there. If you represent one of these firms and you have updated information, or if your company serves the Northern Virginia funeral consumer and you think it should be included here, please let us know via the Contact Form.]